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Periodontal Therapies

The health of your gums is essential to your oral health and your overall health. If you have signs or symptoms of gum disease (clinically known as periodontal disease), we offer several surgical therapies to rehabilitate the gums.

Periodontal disease can manifest itself in several ways. It can cause the gum tissue to recede and expose the tooth roots. It can also cause the gum tissue and bone to pull away from the teeth and form pockets. Gum graft surgery adds gum tissue to cover exposed tooth roots, reducing sensitivity and reducing further recession and bone loss. Pocket reduction treatment eliminates the disease-causing bacteria that has accumulated in the pockets, and secures the tissue back into its rightful place. If the bone has been severely damaged, it may develop an irregular surface that harbors bacteria. Smoothing the surface prevents bacteria from building up and allows the gum tissue to reattach itself to the bone.  We prefer to use laser dentistry when treating periodontal disease, reducing periodontal pockets and performing root scaling or planing.

Tooth Extractions

Certain situations necessitate the surgical extraction of a tooth; for example, impacted wisdom teeth that do not have enough room to properly break through the gums and enter the mouth. Tooth extraction methods have advanced to the point where the procedure is minimally invasive and uncomplicated. Drs. Moldovan and Malkin will explain what you can expect during tooth extraction surgery, so there are no surprises. They will also recommend an anesthetic that suits your needs, and answer any questions you may have.

Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting / Regeneration

Bone or tissue grafting and regeneration are designed to supplement areas where the bone or tissue has deteriorated, thus restoring proper form and function. The materials used to graft bone may be natural (from the patient’s own body) or artificial (from a non-human source like an animal). Bone grafting is sometimes necessary for Los Angeles and New York City dental implants patients who do not have sufficient bone structure to support the implant.

Esthetic Gingival Procedures

Some people have what is known as a “gummy smile,” meaning their teeth appear shorter because they are covered with too much gum tissue. Drs. Moldovan and Malkin can reshape the gum and bone tissue to reveal more of the teeth, improving the attractiveness and balance of the smile. This procedure can be combined with Smile in a Day, veneers, or Teeth in a Day procedures to enhance the results.

Learn more about our Surgical Services

If you would like to learn more about any of the surgical services available at our practices located in NYC and Los Angeles, please contact us via phone or email.

A member of our staff would be happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you to meet with Drs. Moldovan or Malkin.